Examples of Goldasht company registration number 16233 was registered in 1379. Initially the company has 15 employees and a daily production capacity of 80 cows and 2 tons of raw milk began its activity. Buy the 30 hectares of land in the area prior to obtaining a eunuch Castle of natural resources, construction of new farms started and in a short period until the end of 1391 was to take full advantage.

reached its maximum.

The company has been in daily milk production of 100 tons per year in 2300 and male and female in dairy calves are born. The production volume directly causes employment of 120 staff were efficient and indirectly provides employment for about 500 people.

Important part of the company include: phase growing of calves, heifers phase, phase maternity, dairy cattle breeding phase, phase feed mill Equipment for food distribution, open green space and landscaping company and phase wastewater treatment.

Calf rearing phase, with a capacity of 500 heads and 300 individual boxes box cumulative annual educational space suitable for production of 2,500 male and female calves to provide 3 months old.

Phase heifers with good atmosphere and with an annual production target of 2,500 pregnant and nonpregnant heifer designed and built

And ultimately increase the productive herd provides 20 percent of the population.

New hospital phase with a modern design and is equipped with a device 18 of milking, calving conditions suitable standard for the year 2700 has provided.

Dairy cattle breeding phase consists of three halls with a capacity of 2,500 cows with a milking parlor is completely equipped. Use the right equipment and use of facilities and skilled manpower and efficient atmosphere to develop the annual production of this phase is over 40,000 tons of raw milk.

the standard also works for other livestock.

Food distribution equipment, including tractors feeder and the feeder with the first and most modern self-propelled imported in Iran. By using this system, highest accuracy in the manufacture and distribution of animal feed is obtained. As feed through waste reduction and proper distribution, effective step to reduce the cost of feed has been removed.

respectively. In addition, the company embarked on training and human resources has also committed to other farms.

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