Exports of pregnant heifers

Exports of Milk Cows

Exports of male calves

Export dairy products

Facilities, Resources and Technologies

  • Westfalia and DeLaval Advanced Metatron 128 unit Milking Machine
  • Holder of the first SILOKING self-propelled feed mixer from Germany
  • Holder of the first imported and high quality domestic Manure Removal Machine
  • An Animal Food Production factory with a daily production capacity of 240 tons
  • Equipped with the most advanced Wastewater Treatment System
  • Holder of the first and most equipped Water Disinfection System for health purposes
  • Benefiting from the GMS Breeding and receiving consultation in this regards from American experts for a period of 15 years


    • Annual production of more than 40,000 tons of milk
    • Production of pregnant heifers with high genetic purity
    • Production of all kinds of dairy products with the brand “Nesf-e-Jahan” for the domestic market and also export to other countries
    • Annual production of about 1500 bull calves and offering them to Feeding units
    • Teaching and Training animal science in cooperation with Shahid Farsi University and taking a role in the matter of job creation


The Isfahan Goldasht Nemoneh Agro-Livestock Company was registered on July 1, 2000 under number 16233 at the Isfahan Registration Office for Companies and Non-Commercial Institutes. Adjacent with Isfahan Refinery, this company initiated its work with 15 personnel and 80 milk-cows with a daily milk production of two tons. Thanks to the efficient management and the great effort of the active and responsible personnel, this company has been able to achieve a great national reputation. Currently, this company, having 6000 cattle and about 2700 milk-cows, is producing 110 tons milk on a daily basis and is producing excellent pregnant heifers and bull calves. By creating jobs for 150 people, this company has also been able to take a small step in the path of our country’s success and independence.